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missnomore - Gifting the Husband

His birthday is three weeks away!

Okay, I might be a bit too excited. 

I have been thinking of what present to give him.  Hmm... I want something that will last for a long time. A missus only makes wise purchases!

Do you think a pool table is a good idea? I know he likes pool. I know how to play the game too so I will also enjoy having our own table. Wise, huh? We have a common group of friends and we sometimes hang out in a place where we can play.

If we will have a table at home, it's going to be a good bonding activity. We can invite our friends over and have fun while in the comfort of our home. Our future kids will enjoy it, too.

Although I do play the game, I  am not confident to choose a table by myself. Good thing I found a very helpful article
on Workout HQ. It has very comprehensive information on how to choose a good portable pool table. I might just also choose from one of their recommendations.

I need to make up my mind before it's too late!
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